Pregnancy Complications

When people asked when this little babe of mine was due, I told them August.  His due date is August 17th, so I figured saying “August” was actually more accurate as he could easily be born two weeks before my due date or a week or so afterwards.  So August.  He was going to be... Continue Reading →



“This too will pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.”   I’ve gravitated towards those words in that last year.  Not necessarily because this has been a particularly hard season, but in this current season of change it’s been a good reminder.  It’s nice to remember that life is made... Continue Reading →

Sharing [more than just] a House

We live with another family.  Of four.  We share a house, a kitchen, a living room.  We now have two bathrooms (we didn’t for the first few months) and we do have separate bedrooms (for us and the kids).  But that’s it.  Other than that we live together.  We are one family of seven while... Continue Reading →

“Not” Sharing

“I’m not going to teach my daughter to share her toys.  As adults, you don’t have to share your car or your house or any of your things, so why should she have to share now?” An acquaintance of mine wrote that on Facebook a few years ago and I’ve never been able to shake... Continue Reading →

The Loneliness of Being Foreign

A glazed and blank stare. Shrinking behind his eyes. Afraid.  Frozen. Hoping we’d leave. My mom had asked a man in Chinatown a question, and this was his response.  He didn’t talk; he didn’t move; he hoped we would stop talking and leave him alone.  He didn’t understand English, he didn’t know what we had... Continue Reading →

Norway seems Normal

What a strange life we live.  We have arrived in Norway and it feels nearly normal.  How many Americans can say that?  (Okay, a few. We are in a FB group called “Americans in Norway” and there are quite a few others Americans who live here).  But how many do you know? I’d bet just... Continue Reading →

No, I’m not entirely excited.

“You must really like Norway if you are going back.” “You must be so excited!” “Do you love Norway?” Whenever we tell people we are headed back to Norway they usually say something along those lines to us -- why else would we be leaving our Colorado home, families and friends? Well, the truth is... Continue Reading →

The Unstopped Fire

Once there was a city nestled high in the mountains, surrounded by forests on all sides, and prosperous.  It was a center of trade, learning, and religion, a city in a place of leadership for the whole surrounding countryside.  Running past this city was a river.  In the past it had been a treacherous river,... Continue Reading →

My Struggle with Daycare

(By Brooke) I always knew I’d be a stay-at-home Mom.  My mom, grandma, aunts—all of them were stay at home moms.  They all loved it, recommended it and I thought it was the only way.  They never said it, but I assumed that if you didn’t stay at home with you children, you were a... Continue Reading →

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